If you lose the device,which you use for two-factor authentication (2FA), or you are unable to access your 2FA method, you can easily request help from an account administrator to reset your 2FA.
  After your 2FA  will be reset, you can log in with only your username and password.

  We kindly inform you that 2FA, authorization must be deactivated manually on our server.

To request a 2FA reset:

    1) On our website www.dexfin.com in footer area, you can find the link to the Support Center.


    2) On the next screen, click on the link for creating new ticket on Support Center.


   3) On the next screen, fill in the form fields for your Ticket:

Field Requester - your email;
Field Your name  - your name;
Field Subject  - Reset your two-factor authentication;
Field  Description - type your request: for example: My name is ......., I require to deactivate the 2FA for my account on DEXFIN platform.

    4) Attach your ID photo, for verifying your identity:


    5) Mark the checkbox to confirm that you are not a bot and send your Ticket:


    6) Your Ticket has been successfully submitted:

Following this, your two-factor authentication (2FA), for your account on DEXFIN platform, will be reset. It can take 24 to 48 hours.

Resetting process two-factor authentication (2FA) should take 24 to 48 hours.

Once your 2FA has been reset, you can log in with just your email address and password.